Using one of the world's leading skincare specialists based in over 84 countries and 20,000 spas, we provide a range of facials to suit every individual, leaving you and your skin feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Spa Prescription Facial (60 minutes)

Tailor-made to suit your skin type.


 Timexpert C+ Vitamin Boost (60 minutes)

For dull, tired and environmentally damaged skin, this facial uses pure vitamin C extract to regenerate, optimise hydration and stimulate collagen synthesis helping with anti-ageing prevention and all round radiance and vitality.


Excel O2 Therapy (75 minutes)

The perfect facial primarily designed to combat elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, using a complex of active proteins and oxygen to rejuvenate the skin cells.


Timexpert Rides (75 minutes)

The top advanced anti-ageing facial using 'Micro-dermoxine Complex' and Pro-Collagestine Fill' technology, this facial visibly fills in lines and wrinkles deep within the skin and neutralises expression lines.


Time Expert Lift (75 minutes)

A firming facial treatment that works by rebuilding and restructuring skin from the bottom layer transforming the skin from the inside out to help with loss of volume, elasticity and flaccidity for optimum results this facial is perfect in combination with CACI.


Time Expert Anti-wrinkle Eye Treatment (add on)

Providing a specific and definitive therapy based on high-tech ingredients that work to plump wrinkles leaving a smooth more youthful appearance.


 Microdermabrasion (60 minutes)

A gentle mechanical peeling process improving the skin's regenerative process. Using special crystals a vacuum pressure to remove dead skin cells, treat pigmentation, age spots and acne scarring.                                                £47.50

CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift (60 minutes)

The world's best alternative to going 'under the knife'. CACI is widely used by many celebrities and is the top electrical anti-ageing facial. Electrical impulses are used to stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue for that ultimate lifting, firming and smoothing look.